Seaport’s First Flight to MKL

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The first Seaport Airlines flight from Memphis arrived into Mckellar-Sipes Regional Airport, Sunday. Officials said the airline will take the place of the Tennessee Skies Airlines and will offer flights to Memphis and Nashville twice daily during weekdays and once daily on weekends. “The thing that’s going to make this work more than Tennessee Skies is that the McKellar-Sipes personnel are going to actually do the ground turns and all of the customer service. Everything that you see that happens at the airport is going to be airport employees,” said Executive Director Steve Smith of McKellar-Sipes Regional Airport in Jackson. Smith estimates the airline could bring as much as $48,000 in additional revenue to the fixed based operations of McKellar-Sipes Regional Airport. He said currently the airport receives $100,000 each year from the city and county for operations. He said the goal is for the airport to become self-sufficient. Smith said the airlines expects a wide array of travelers. He said there is no TSA screening and travelers are offered parking at no charge. “If you’re gone a week it’s not anything to spend $100 or so parking and you have your gas,” said Smith. Travelers expecting to take the first flight to Nashville said the service sounds like a great deal. “if it’s as nice as I’m hoping, I’ll probably use it a lot to go shopping in Nashville ,” said Michael Hayes, a traveler. Hayes said from a friend he received two $25 vouchers provided by Seaport Airlines. He said the trip to Nashville cost him $4. “We get you in the air as as soon as possible. We get bags on and then as far as getting off it’s the same thing,” said Claire James of Seaport Airlines. James said the airlines will hold its open house Monday, January 23 at McKellar-Sipes Regional Airport. She said those in attendance will be given $25 vouchers to be used toward their first trip on the airline. James said the airline will offer a introductory price of $29 though Valentine’s Day.

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