Carroll Co. Close to Building New Jail

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Construction on the new Carroll County jail should be getting underway very soon. Sheriff Andy Dickson told 7 Eyewitness News if all goes as planned, workers will be breaking ground by the end of February. He said the county has been mandated to build a new jail in order to keep certification. Currently the jail only has enough beds for 112 inmates, but they have had as many as about 140 inmates at one time. And they are putting all those inmates to good use. In order to save money, inmates will be helping with some of the labor. The Sheriff said this is his biggest project since being elected in 2010. “Everybody that was running knew that whoever was elected was gonna be faced with the task of building a new jail and it’s been something I’ve been working on since day one and continue to work with until we see it through,” said Sheriff Dickson He adds that construction of the jail is estimated to take about 18 to 22 months to complete.

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