Educator of the Week – Henning

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Liberty Tech High School band teacher Karen Henning said music makes a world of difference in education. “Music is important for our students to have,” said Henning. “All students need to have music.” She said that is because it incorporates all the academic courses. “They’re using all the things they learn in school to be able to do music,” said Henning. “They’re using both parts of they brain. They’re using the part that deals with the logical parts of things, and also the emotional part of it.” While her course may be “all-inclusive”, Henning also makes sure that her students do their best outside her classroom. “I let them know that I’m their mother at school because if they’re not successful outside, then I don’t feel like I’ve been successful,” said Henning. “I want them to be the best that they can be because they can. I believe in them and I want them to believe in themselves that they can be the best that they can be.” With the program that holds the motto “Building a Tradition of Excellence”, this educator said her students strive to continue to achieve the best. “The students really buy into what they want and they’re excited about doing this. And so it kind of makes it a little bit easier to keep it going because you have that tradition built into them from day one,” said Henning. “It’s not just the marching band out on the field that we do, or the groups that they see – the performance groups. But we’re actually teaching these students how to be well-rounded, and good citizens, discipline and teamwork.”

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