First Baptist Churches Reunite

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Church leaders said Sunday marked the 175th anniversary of both First Baptist Churches in Jackson. They said the churches were once one, but separated after the Civil war in 1867. “We were for thirty years one church sadly due to slavery,” said Pastor Justin Wainscott of First Baptist Church North. Both churches celebrated with a combined service Sunday, which they said is the start of a year-long celebration. “Oh it thrills me. I say I thank you Lord. I thank you because you have brought me this far,” said Mattie Robinson, 99, of First Baptist Church East. Robinson said she has been a member of the church for 30 years. I’m so glad the pastor invited them. I’m so glad to be here myself,” said Juanita Reitzammer, 93, of First Baptist Church North. Reitzammer has been a member of her church for 74 years. Pastors of both churches shared duties at the service. Both pastors commented on whether the church could one day become one. “Yes our fellowships will be one in heart, one in Lord and we will fellowship together, lord say the same, on a regular basis but as far as joining back together I think there is greater work for us to do as individual fellowships,” said Pastor William Watson of First Baptist Church East. Pastor Wainscott said Sunday’s program portrays how things will be in heaven. Though we’re redeemed, we’re still sinful and we still deal with our sin, but in heaven sin will be removed,” he said.

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