Educator of the Week – Milam

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Montessori Center of Jackson upper elementary teacher Esther Milam loves when her students demonstrate what they have learned. “The children are learning at their own pace, they are meeting challenges, they sometimes set their own challenges,” said Milam. They enjoy learning, and that is so important.” Part of Montessori education means working with her students for three or more years. “The children get to build upon what they’ve learned previously,” said Milam. “They also get to help each other, they are mentors. That gives them an inspiration to work even harder because they’re showing a younger child what to do.” While Milam said she encourages students to help each other, parental involvement is also essential. “I’ve always believed that the home, the children and the school have to work together in order to have support that children need,” said Milam. But when they are in her care, Milam’s students can expect to be nurtured like one of her own. “You have a child for three years of more, and you’re like the mama. At least I feel like the mama. And I see my children growing and developing and becoming mature and knowledgeable,” said Milam. “It is just involved – so involved. When you truly love and want the children to be successful, you’re aware of their every need.”

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