Educator of the Week – Doaks

Trenton Rosenwald Middle School science teacher Charlotte Doaks has been changing lives of children for over 30 years. “They keep me going,” said Doaks. “They keep me going; keep me motivated.” Doaks hopes to motivate them by inspiring them to pursue and education. “Some of them take it for granted and I don’t want them to do that,” said Doaks. “I want them to give it all they have and become productive citizens.” For this educator, seeing students learn is sometimes beyond words. “You almost want to to cry,” said Doaks. “I see it day to day because different ones will will excel. The light comes on, and it’s like, ‘Oh! They got it! Yeah!’ It’s wonderful.” Doaks works with students in school, after school, and even during the summer months. “I just feel like I need to be doing something,” said Doaks. “And if I can keep the children safe during my time with them, that’s all I can ask for.” All she asks of her students is perseverance “I want them to stretch it, just keep going and go as far as they possibly can,” said Doaks. “Because the world is theirs. All they have to do is want it. And if they want it, it’s theirs for the take.”

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