Educator of the Week – Burkhead

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DENMARK, Tenn.-Denmark Elementary School kindergarten teacher Jennifer Burkhead has her dream job. “I wanted to be a teacher since I was little,” said Burkhead. “I played school at home and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.” Burkhead loves working with her young students because they grow so much throughout the school year. “In kindergarten, they still love everybody and the love me. They’re still sweet and they’re just easy to work with,” said Burkhead. The kindergarten teacher says she has a lot to cover this school year. “They’re going to learn to read and learn to write and make sentences and do math and add and subtract,” said Burkhead. “We need to get them excited because they’re going to be going to school for a long time now, so we want them to have a love for learning.” Burkhead also hopes her students will have a love for one another. “We learn that we’re a family in here, and we take care of each other,” said Burkhead. “We don’t make fun of each other if we have differences. Some people will be good at some things and others will be good at other things.”

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