Dog Shelter to Close; Dozens Need to be Adopted

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WEAKLEY COUNTY, Tenn.- One animal rescue shelter is struggling to find forever homes for its dogs before their Friday deadline. Founder of the Death Row Doggies Rescue, Deb Ellis said her shelter in Dresden is known for giving second chances to animals who are unwanted and overlooked. “When they come here it’s because they really don’t have any other place to go,” said Ellis. Workers said the shelter is a safe haven for neglected strays, abandoned pets and injured puppies.”It’s like these dogs appreciate the fact you have done something nice for them,” said Ellis, “I have some that you can tell have been neglected and abused and we have one that was drug behind a car.” The shelter gives second chances to animals who need more time to find a home. Ellis said the shelter has grown to more than 50 animals over the last year. Right now with only one caretaker, the rescue organization is on the brink of bankruptcy. ” With the way things are right now, we are not going to be able to offer them that forever to much longer,” said Ellis, “It’s gotten to be so much of a financial hardship on me and my family that I just can’t continue to do it.” Ellis said more than 25 dogs will be euthanized if she can not find homes for them by the shelters deadline on August 31. “I have to ask myself how can I do that,” said Ellis, “Which ones am I going to pick? and which ones am I going to let stay?” Some local shelters in West Tennessee have agreed to take in some of the puppies who are under 10 weeks old. Ellis said she has dozens of sweet dogs who are adoptable and 10 black lab puppies who all would make loving pets, if given the chance. “They all deserve a family and none of them deserve to be put to sleep,” said Ellis. If you would like to help the Death Row Doggies Rescue organization through adoption or donation visit their website: or call the rescue shelter at (731)-514-2005

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