Crossing Guard Saves Student Walking to School

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JACKSON, Tenn.- One Elementary school crossing guard is now being called a hero after saving a 6-year-old girl from being hit by a car early Tuesday morning. Crossing guard T. Willy Tyson told 7 Eyewitness News that he loves protecting children, which is one reason why he helps kids cross the street at Alexander Elementary school on North Highland Avenue. Tyson said his Tuesday morning was anything but ordinary after he saved a first grader who was nearly hit by two cars in the intersection of North Highland at Crescent Avenue. Tyson said he knew 6-year-old Angel Gray was in immediate danger after two cars ignored his commands and flew into the intersection where she was standing in the middle of the road. “If I hadn’t been there and she was by herself, it would have been over,” said Tyson. Angel said she she knows the guard saved her life because she saw the cars coming but couldn’t run away. ” I almost got ran over,” said Gray. Angel’s mother Cornelia Gray told 7 Eyewitness News that she witnessed the guard from the sidewalk, risk his life to grab her daughter just in time and pull her to safety. “It was so quick it was just like the bat of an eye,” said Gray. Tyson said the reason he was able to react quickly was because he was paying attention. The guard said he reached out and grabbed Angel to pull her back after catching a glimpse of the cars from the corner of his eye. “I was really just doing what I’m supposed to do be doing and that’s looks out for the kids,” said Tyson. Parents said drivers along North Highland do not pay attention to their surroundings which makes the crosswalk a dangerous place for children. “It’s bad. I mean, people don’t care about that little school sign there,” said Gray. Tyson admitted that distracted drivers do speed through the intersection even after he has signaled them to stop. “It is very dangerous when people are not paying attention to what they are doing,” said Tyson.” I saw one lady driving with her elbows eating a bowl of cereal coming through.” Dozens of children safely cross the roadway every day, but it Is the thought of what could have happened to Angel that reminds Tyson why he is there. “It is a scary situation but I’m here to try and help,” said Tyson,” I want parents to feel that it is safe because I’m going to be here.” Sergeant Peaches Nesbitt with Jackson Police Told 7 Eyewitness News she witnessed the rescue and cited one of the drivers involved. The Jackson Police Dept is now working to honor Tyson’s quick reaction and bravery with a nomination for the Citizens Award of Merit.

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