New Details In Karen Swift Murder Investigation

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DYER COUNTY, Tenn. – New details surface in the homicide investigation of a Dyer County mother. Although there has been no arrest, Dyer County Sheriff Jeff Box said there is new information regarding Karen Swift’s murder. The 44 year-old mother of four was reported last seen by her husband at their Millsfield home on October 30 of last year. Her body was found in December near a Dyer County cemetery. Many people said it has been nearly a year, and they want answers, but officials said there is more to this case than just arresting someone, especially since no eyewitness has come forward. “Well in my eyes it’s taken too long. I’m just glad that they finally, hopefully found someone,” said Michelle Davis, who worked out at the YMCA with Swift. Dyer County Sheriff confirmed that although no arrest has been made, investigators have a person of interest. Sheriff Box added that they have had several persons of interest throughout the course of the investigation, but they have all been ruled out except for this one person in particular. The identity of the person is currently being kept confidential. Sheriff Box said they will not name a suspect until the investigation is complete or an arrest is made. “It’s just kind of scary knowing it may be someone in town,” added Davis. Sheriff Box stated the investigation is still very active with many agencies involved in preparing evidence for a murder trial. Swift’s cell phones are still being investigated by the secret service and the remaining autopsy lab work is being processed.

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