Two Charged with Robbery, Third Dead

Two men charged in a break-in during which a companion was fatally shot have pleaded not guilty. Both 22-year-old Ryan Dalton and 23-year-old Donnie Inabnit asked a judge in Burlington Wednesday for court-appointed lawyers. Both men are from Dry space¬†They face evidence tampering and burglary conspiracy charges. Police said Inabnit and Dalton were with 24-year-old Lloyd “Adam” Maxwell early Monday when 92-year-old Earl Jones shot and fatally wounded Maxwell inside Jones’ farmhouse in Verona. Police later found Dalton and Inabnit in a car with Maxwell’s body. No charges were placed against Jones, whose home was burglarized three times in August. Inabnit’s mother, Lynn Inabnit, sobbed in the courtroom and said the three were not “evil,” but they were addicted to heroin.

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