Educator of the Week – Evans

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MADISON COUNTY, Tenn.- Nova Elementary School second grade teacher Pat Evans loves seeing her students learn something new. “It just makes me very excited to see their excitement,” said Evans. “So that carries over to me.” With that excitement comes education. “Children learn when they’re having fun. When they’re not having fun, they don’t learn as well,” said Evans. “So we try to connect those happy times with what they’re doing so that it sticks with them.” Evans said those happy times are enjoyed by her students and herself. “I found that I’m happiest when I’m working with children and it just keeps me young, I guess,” laughed Evans. This educator said she has always wanted to teach and can relate to her children. “As a student myself, I tended to struggle sometimes, and so those children really have my heart,” said Evans. “And I know what they’re going through, so I like to help them.” Evans likes to help them learn the academics, and also encourages them in every aspect of life. “Making them feel like they’re important and that they can make a difference,” said Evans. “They can learn things all throughout their life, but if I make them feel like they’re important, then I feel like I’ve done my job.”

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