Educator of the Week – Scott

LEXINGTON, Tenn. – Lexington High School chemistry teacher Brian Scott hopes to change his students’ lives. “The best way to make a difference is to try to be a positive role model each and everyday,” said Scott. “Even some days you don’t feel good or want to be there, you still need to do your best each and everyday.” Scott says sometimes part of being a role model means lending an ear. “Just like in our lives, we have problems each and everyday and you just need somebody to go to. And some of the kids, they don’t have somebody to go to, and when they come to school, it may be the only day, the only time they see a smiling face,” said Scott. “So it’s important to be there for them in that way just as much as you can, just to have somebody to talk to.” This educator is also a coach, and he applies the same morals on the field as he does in the classroom. “If you have a student or athlete that does not have good work ethic or discipline, they’re not going to make it, as an athlete they’re simply not going to be good,” said Scott. “So it’s the same thing with being a student. To be a good student, to get through life, you have to have good work ethic and discipline.” Scott hopes his students will also learn to keep a positive attitude. “It’s hard to go through life and be positive about everything, but it’s also important to do that to get the best out of yourself each and everyday,” said Scott. “You have to see the end goal. You have to see the end result. You have to keep it within your sights at all times.”

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