Educator of the Week – Bailey

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HENDERSON, Tenn. – Beverly Bailey is a fourth grade teacher at Chester County Middle School and is passionate for education. “I love it, it’s something new everyday, I get to move around, we dance, we sing, we just do so much and I get to use that energy that I have and use it with them in a good way,” said Bailey. Bailey said she tries to put herself in her students shoes because she knows what it’s like to be young. “When I was in fourth grade of course we didn’t have computers and all the things we have now. I try to say what did I not like about that subject, what would make me want to pay attention to it?” Creating memorable lesson plans is one way that Bailey has found to enhance her students learning. “I’ll say how can I make it more fun so the kids will enjoy it and maybe remember it, I just don’t want them memorizing,” Bailey explains. Bailey has been an educator for three years and hopes that her teaching style will help her students grasp the material. “I want them to love it and know that learning is fun because I learn everyday they teach me something new everyday, I want them to know that education is fun.”

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