Grant to Redesign Dangerous Intersection in Hardeman County

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TOONE, Tenn- Residents in one Hardeman county town said the redesign of one dangerous intersection is long overdue. It is a small intersection but some residents said it is causing big problems. According to Toone Police Chief, Jerry Siler, this month the city was awarded a Spot Safety grant by the Tennessee Department of Transportation to begin redesigning the busy intersection, where Highways 100 and 138 meet. “We have had numerous car accidents there,” said Chief Siler. “Some have been severe and some minor. Then there are others that ended up fatal.” Residents said one of the reasons the intersection is so dangerous is because drivers cannot easily see other cars; and they said the problem is even worse when the sun is out. “When the sun is coming down, it’s dangerous because it’s in your eyes,” said Toone Mayor, Joseph Jones. “It makes it hard to exit because you’re scared someone is coming that you can’t see,” agreed Doris Wooden, a Toone resident. According to Chief Siler, construction is scheduled to begin in 2014.

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