Sam Champion Look-alike Entertained by Comparisons

This video is no longer available.

MEDINA, Tenn.-Medina resident Brett Hunt is the mirror image of “Good Morning America” Meteorologist Sam Champion. Born and raised in Henderson, the USJ graduate appeared before millions of viewers after winning a look-alike contest. His wife made it all happen. “I had no idea this was going on until I got a phone call from her one day saying Good Morning America is about to call you, you need to answer your phone. I was like really for what?,” said Hunt. Brett and his wife were flown to New York and put up in a hotel across from the studio in Times Square. “It was a great experience, neither of us had ever been to New York City so that was a great way to take in the city and have a great experience there,” said Hunt. Brett is a financial planner here in Jackson. He used his own suit for the appearance and was given a tie that matched Sam’s. “Once I finally got out there you know it really was shocking. He even mentioned that since he’s from Kentucky that we actually might be related,” said Hunt.

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