SHHS Uses Social Media to Keep Hope Alive for Holly Bobo

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REAGAN, Tenn. – Students from Scotts Hill High School came together wearing pink and sending out messages of love and hope for Holly Bobo. Through twitter, students used #HCCSLovesHolly attempting to make Holly’s story trend throughout the state of Tennessee. Ashley Mays is a close friend to Holly. “To me it’s important because getting her name out there and her face.” she explains, “Getting her name out there again is important,” said Mays. Twitter is known for being a powerful social networking tool because users are forced to write a creative messages using 140 characters. For these students, it is these powerful messages that bring hope for the students to bring Holly home. Joseph Hudgins is another friend of Holly. “It’s just amazing to see how far that message I put on my twitter will spread. When someone re-tweets it or sees it and gets the movement going,” said Hudgins. He also added that their messages could be read by someone who could make a difference. More than 1,000 social media messages were sent from the school alone. The goal for the school was to be the top trending message of the day in Tennessee. “Twitter is what I would think of going around the earth. A balloon can go down a road and get stuck on a tree, ultimately not get seen. When it comes to Twitter, anyone can see it,” Hunter Grissom explained. Some 500 students at the school hope their message will reach people who have never heard Holly Bobo’s story and keep hope alive. “It makes everyone realize that everybody is together. It’s not one person here or there. Everybody cares when doing that it makes a community come together because they realize,” said Samantha Williams.

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