Burglars Hit Jackson Business, Again

This video is no longer available.

JACKSON, Tenn.-Burglars targeted Wash-n-Wings in east Jackson for a third time. Monday employees say the suspect stole televisions. Owner David Boling is fed up and frustrated. He said burglars broke into Wash-n-Wings three times since January, and twice in the past two weeks. “That‘s our biggest concern is they‘re gonna keep coming back,” said Boling. Surveillance video captured early Monday morning shows the suspect taking televisions. “They‘re wearing a mask and gloves then you can‘t tell who it is,” said Boling. The video shows the most recent burglar took the televisions and left, but came back a few minutes later. “He grabbed the cash register then he set it back down and then left with the remotes,” said Boling. Employees say someone stole about $40 in coins on April 6. Workers said last time the suspects broke the side glass door to get inside the building. This time Boling said the suspect smashed the drive through window. “People come in and they normally do more damage to the doors and windows than actually what they‘re stealing,” he said. Boling believes the same people could be responsible for all three thefts. He plans to install extra security cameras.

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