Future of JMC Library Discussed by Commissioners

This video is no longer available.

JACKSON, Tenn. – If library officials have their way a rebirth is about to take place at the downtown library. That includes more books, better technology, added employees. The only thing needed is $200,000 more money than last year. “You are going to see drastic changes in the library within the next few months. We have asked for some money to make major changes. We are going to rearrange the whole layout of the library,” said library director Dinah Harris. For the past five years the library was run by outside management. The library board voted to come back under local management effective last month. With the latest technology many people feel they have a library in their own hand. “As the books decrease the library is still going to be as useful. We will change as the times change,” said Harris. The budget committee will make a recommendation to the full county commission at that point changes will be made or the commissioners will vote. “It’s going to be an exciting time for those who love the library and those who remember the library when it was flourishing. It’s gonna happen,” said Jerry Bastin, library treasurer. “We are going to increase security cameras and the hours of our security guard, There should be less looting and panhandling,” said Harris.

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