Madison Co. Commission Talks Budget Cuts

This video is no longer available.

JACKSON, Tenn.- Members of the Madison County commission met Monday night. One of the topics discussed included proposed cuts to the county’s budget. The meeting was one of many commissioners will have as they consider the possibility of deep cuts. One issue that was decided was a proposal to change which clinic county employees go to to receive health care. After some debate, commissioners voted to change from the Walk-in Clinic to the new Lift Center near downtown Jackson. “By choosing the Lift (Center), we’re able to get, like I said more data. We’re able to be able to determine where we need to improve in providing our insurance for our employees and their dependents,” said Doug Stephenson, vice chairman of the insurance committee. The program starts on July 1. Every county employee will get a free membership to the Lift Center in downtown Jackson as a part of their insurance.

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