Study: More Male Teachers Needed in Elementary Schools

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JACKSON, Tenn.-According to the Advocacy Group, “Men Teach,” the number of male elementary school teachers is at a 40-year low. Scott Dean is the only male teacher at Pope Elementary School in north Jackson. He teaches physical education. “I think a lot of them go into teaching just to coach and they want to coach at the high school level but most of them don’t know you can teach at elementary and also coach a sport,” said Dean. According to “Men Teach” only five percent of early education teachers nationwide are men. “They are a little more uncomfortable with the younger kids just to be honest. Sometimes they really are not sure what they can and can’t do with a younger child sometimes,” said guidance counselor Sonya Patrick. Dean said he does not have anybody to talk sports with. A big reason for the need for more male elementary school teachers is the positive figure they represent to young children. “I believe we need more males in elementary education because they need more of a role model. They see females all day but you have to remember our elementary population is half female, half male,” said Patrick. Dean has seen a big difference in kids that do not have a male at home and see him as a a father figure. “These kids, they are at such an early age you can really have a good positive affect on their lives whether it’s teaching them how to be healthy, eat right or do their best in the classroom,” said Dean.

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