Marathoner Vows to Return to Boston

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JACKSON, Tenn.-A West Tennessee runner has made makes plans to run the Boston Marathon again. Scott Stader was not far from the finish line when the bombs went off Monday. “Well, some people have called it the Super Bowl of running,” said Stader. He attempted to run his second Boston Marathon this week. “Monday was supposed to be redemption,” said Stader. At mile 25, on the home stretch to the finish line, the race came to a stop. “A police officer kind of put up his hands and said, ‘sir there‘s been a bombing’. You can‘t go any further,” said Stader. It took time, but Stader said eventually reality set in. Bombs killed at least three people and injured nearly 200 others. “It crushes me to think that my friends or family could have been there and have been injured or killed because they were watching me,” said Stader. He wanted to finish the race. “When I came home (Tuesday night I got home in Jackson about 9 p.m. from Boston, I decided I need to go run,” said Stader. Tired and sore, Stader ran another 2.62 miles to finish the marathon he started to honor the victims. Stader plans to run the Boston marathon again. “I might not have my loved ones at the finish line next year, but I‘d love for them to be there somewhere,” he said.

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