Mother of Eight Loses Everything in Fire

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CHESTER COUNTY, Tenn. – A Chester County mother of eight is homeless after a devastating fire. Firefighters told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News it only took about 10 minutes for the home to become a total loss. Fortunately everyone was able to get out safely. Susie Pusser and four of her eight children are spending the next few days in a motel. After that, she does not know what lies ahead. “Right now, I’m not sure what to do or where to go,” Pusser said. Pusser believed their cat knocked a lamp over, catching their mattress on fire. Fortunately she and her disabled son, Cory, who were the only two home at the time, got out safely, but their dachshund, Lucky, ran back inside. “He thought Cory was still in the house. He didn’t see Cory get out, and so he goes everywhere Cory goes,” Pusser said. Their neighbor, Branden Shrewsbery, ran back in to save the family pet. “When I ran in there, there was smoke and flames going up the wall,” Shrewsbery said. “I couldn’t really see anything, so I had to close my eyes and touch the ground, and I finally found him, so I ran out.” Firefighters said when they arrived, flames were already going through the roof. All they could do was put out what was left. It was too late to save anything. All Pusser could save from the blaze were some pictures. “My little boy’s bicycle, all their toys burned. He’s like six years old, and he didn’t want to go to sleep last night because his toys were gone. He didn’t have anything to sleep with,” she said. Despite what they have been through, Pusser is grateful for the firefighters, who gave them a few toys, and saved what they could. But it has still been difficult for their family. “I’m just, I’m kind’ve numb right now,” Pusser said. “I haven’t gotten over it yet.” Fire crews said since the fire was accidental.

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