UU Students Pray and Fast

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JACKSON, Tenn.-Anika Strand is Senior Class President at Union University. She is one of hundreds of students fasting and praying for the next leader of the University. “He’s the president of our university. The students need to have a role in that and so I think it is important for the students to be able to pray and fast for that and for the lord’s guidance in the situation,” said Strand. Students sign up online as a visible way to show how devoted they are to the transition process. The darker the red on the screen, the greater number of students praying and fasting that day. “We want people to change the pattern of their life by giving up food and how they best give up food so they focus and pray. We want them to follow the spirit if the Lord in that,” said vice president of church relations Todd Brady. Union President David Dockery announced in January his plan to transition to the role of university chancellor next year. A new president should be in place by the summer of 2014. In the future the fasting and prayer effort will expand to faculty, staff and friends of the university. Strand did not eat from Sunday night thru Monday night, going 24 four hours without food. A devotion to a university that has changed her life. “I love Union and it has been an amazing experience ever since three years ago when I came in as a Freshman. I am a totally different person and most of that it because of the faculty and staff here and the direction of Dr. Dockery, our president,” said Strand.

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