Students Take Center Stage for Mock Crash

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JACKSON, Tenn.-A lot of hard work at Jackson Central-Merry High School went into making this presentation possible. The advanced theater class is taught by Lauren Cleek. It is not every day that you see a teacher blooding students. Cuts and bruises with makeup all done to make the students see what could happen if you drink and drive. “They have been funny with it because they get to do the wound makeup and they create all these crazy characters and like they always are creative, but they have taken it serious too,” said Lauren Cleek. Elijah Duke is a senior. He was one of the drivers in the mock DUI crash. “We have our days when people don’t want to act right, but it takes a lot especially the make up because a lot of people don’t know how to do it,” said Duke. Donald Lair is also a senior, he is an actor that suffered a serious leg wound in the accident. “I never thought it took this much to put into it but right now I learned it. I am grateful for Mrs. Cleek teaching us and it is also helping the community,” said Lair. The timing for the mock crash is perfect. The school prom is set for this week and graduation is coming up.

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