Former Grand Junction Police Chief’s Wife Speaks After Court Hearing

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BOLIVAR, Tenn- Brenda Ryan, the wife of Pat Ryan, the former Grand Junction Police Chief, who was accused of stealing from the department, spoke out Wednesday after her husband’s Preliminary Hearing. It was decided that Ryan’s case will be heard by a Grand Jury. In an October affidavit, issued by the Hardeman County Sheriff’s Department, he was accused of stealing property, including a dog kennel, bullet proof vests, and uniforms. Brenda Ryan said the accusations against her husband are false. “He’s got his faults, but a thief he is not,” said Ryan about her husband. Ryan said she feels her husband has become the fall guy to cover up corruption in the Hardeman County Sheriff’s Department. Justin Powers, the former Grand Junction Police Chief who took over after Ryan, testified in court on his behalf. According to Powers, the affidavit issued by the sheriff’s department stated that he positively identified items they recovered belonged to the police department, however, Powers said that was simply not true.

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