Late Frost Leaves Gardeners Scrambling to Save Plants

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JACKSON, Tenn. – Spring has sprung but the threat of a late season frost has gardeners scrambling to save their plants. Tammy Dvorski said she has learned her lesson and is waiting to do her spring gardening.”Yes, it is a nightmare when you hear the word frost and everything is all ready in,” said Dvorski. “Two years ago, we had our garden in and frost came and I had to go out and scrounge around boxes. It looked like I was growing boxes. I do not want to do that again.” The recent rainfall in our area could actually help out some plants in the long run, but not all of them . “It can be a problem because the plants… The sap has risen to the leaves and photosynthesis has begun on the plants and starting to produce for the year. They are tender,” said Dan Morris. He said the damage might not be immediate when it comes to a late spring frost but you can tell the damage 4-6 weeks later. “We usually tell our customers about planting their annuals and say wait until April 10 and if there is no frost in the forecast then you’re safe and that turned out not be true this year.” Morris explained. Around the house items can protect your plants. “A Dixie cup, your water jug, a milk jug. Cut it out and create a mini-green house you can cover,” said Morris.

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