Local Illustrator Publishes Children’s Book

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JACKSON, Tenn. – It is not just using colored pencils and oil to tell a story, for Joshua Brunet it is the story that is created. “I’ve always wanted to be apart of that. Bringing parents and kids together to enjoy something and share a moment and having both of them enjoy it.” After years of illustrating for magazines and book covers, Brunet got his dream job of illustrating a children’s book. This was all thanks to a college thesis project on the famed train engineer Casey Jones. “I sent the book proposal off to different publishers and imagine publishing was one I sent it to they really enjoyed the drawings.” He explained. One week later, Brunet found out he would be illustrating for the infamous Peter, Paul, and Mary. “It blew me away… It was very serious from the get-go they talked about the story and what they wanted it to look like they sent the song along with the email.” “I’m in Love With A Blue Frog”, which is a 1960s remake song about the Civil Rights Movement. “To accept others and love other despite our differences that’s the heart of the book,” he explained. “Peter and Paul both said it’s a humorous way to look at a very serious topic.” Through his illustrations the messages of acceptance and love is what Brunet enjoys the most about his artwork in this children’s book. “To reach to parents and kids and bring them together and then do what I love.”

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