Rural School Safety Top Priority in Whiteville

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WHITEVILLE, Tenn- Whiteville Elementary School leaders know violence can happen anywhere, even in a rural area like theirs. So they are taking steps to be prepared. Principal Mamie Polk, is working with the Whiteville Police Department to develop a customized safety plan. So far, officers are developing a training program for everyone from teachers to students. It includes help from the Regional Organized Crime Information Center in Nashville. “We’re just trying to make sure that we are ready for what we hope will never happen,” said Polk. Polk can monitor the school’s surveillance system from home. On top of that, officers have completed 20 hours of training at the school since the beginning of the year. “We’ve trained several hours up there and I believe we have the plans in place to take care of those children,” said Chief Steven Stanley of the Whiteville Police Department.

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