Active Shooter Exercise Gives Knowledge on Emergencies

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CAMDEN, Tenn. – Benton and Carroll County emergency workers said Columbine, Virginia Tech and Newtown all had one thing in common; nobody was prepared. Officials said this is something they hoped to change by running drills like this “Times aren’t like they was when I was in school. School was a safe haven and its just not that way anymore,” said Sergeant Chester Volz of Camden Police Department. Students from Camden Central High School also participated and said on one hand they were thankful school shootings are being practiced. On the other hand, they cannot believe it is actually necessary. “It’s sad that schools have come to this, and we thought it was bad before. But now we have to practice what happens if we got shot up at our school. I mean its like where’s the safety?” said Camden Senior Stephanie Floid. The Active School Shooter Drill used weapons, explosives, injuries and emergency services to help schools be prepared for a situation they hope they never have to endure. A drill so real that students said they will never feel the same in their school again. “It’s intense. Like all of a sudden it hits you and then you’re looking around and there’s people siting around on the floor like they could be dead,” Floid said. Law enforcement officials practiced various real lief scenarios with one main goal be ready and able to protect the students at all costs. “Lives are at stake. My child goes to school here. It’s really not a matter of time. It’s a matter of when,” Volz said. Benton County Officials hope to make these drills a regular occurrence.

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