Pharmacy Burglarized, Hydrocodone Taken

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BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. – Brownsville police are looking for some bold thieves who they said broke into a local pharmacy. According to officers, it did not take them long to get away with a lot of medication. Police said it likely took less than five minutes. “It’s a quick grab for narcotics,” said Brownsville Police Chief, Chris Lea. Brownsville police said the thieves broke into Dowling Pharmacy, and stole about 3,000 hydrocodone pills, and two pints of the liquid. “The hydrocodone tablets, they can be sold at street level for a value of anywhere from $10 to $25 a tablet,” Lea said. “Drug dealers consider that an easy source of money, unfortunately.” “A lot more than we can sell it for,” said pharmacist Allen Primrose, who owns Main Street Pharmacy. Pharmacists said it is unfortunate, but they are not surprised. “Anybody that has a pharmacy’s always concerned about theft and break-ins, but it’s just part of our business, and part of life. We just have to deal with it,” Primrose said. Pharmacists said they cannot really prevent thieves from stealing items like hydrocodone. All they can do is hope that they do not target their business. “Just security systems, cameras, alarms, glass break, just all the security precautions you can take, and hope for the best,” Primrose said. Officers said they have no leads in the case. Anyone with information is asked to contact Haywood County Crimestoppers at (731) 772-CASH. Callers are anonymous and are eligible for cash rewards.

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