Surveillance Cameras Installed in Park

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DYER, Tenn. – Park officials in Gibson County have an extra set of eyes at their park after recent cases of vandalism. On Tuesday, park workers in Dyer installed four security cameras at the city’s main park. City workers said they are installing the cameras to help keep park goers safe, and their park clean. Ron Giger said it has taken him more than a month to clean up a big mess at Dyer’s David Robinson Park. “Everything is up and functional,” said Giger, the city’s parks and recreation superintendent. “It took quite a bit of work to get it there though. (It was) quite a bit of work.” He said half of it was normal wear and tear, but the rest was vandalism. Now the bathrooms are like brand new. “Of course everything had to be repainted, retrimmed, with the exception of the two sinks in the restrooms, the rest of the plumbing has been replaced,” Giger said. Park officials said they even had to bring in several garbage cans after about 2,500 gallons of trash was left at the park after baseball season. And he said the new security cameras will stop a lot of that. “You can tell who is actually in the facility, who’s in the restroom at what time, and you have a window of opportunity for people to question once something is vandalized,” Giger said. Many park goers said the cameras are a good idea. “It is nice to have the bathrooms unlocked, when you’re going 12 laps out here,” park goer Darrell Swanger. Especially now that it is baseball season, city leaders said they want the park to look its best. City officials said the cameras cost them more than $500. That money came from the parks and recreation department’s budget.

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