First Liquor Store Application Turned in for McKenzie

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CARROLL COUNTY, Tenn.- The city of McKenzie could see its first liquor store doors open very soon as city officials are reviewing their first package liquor store application for a location on magnolia street. “I’m very excited. I live right down the road. It’s going to be good for me,” said resident Roy McGowen. “I’m almost 50 years old and I like to drink a little whiskey with some Kool- aid and I think it’s going to be great.” City finance director Charlie Beal told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News that the liquor referendum won by more than 100 votes but just 65 percent of McKenzie’s total voting population participated in last year’s liquor referendum vote. City officials said they hope package liquor stores will be an additional source of revenue for the city. “This is the very first liquor store in McKenzie,” said Beal. “Depending on the amount of revenue and number of applications we do see hopefully that will keep personal taxes from increasing.” Some residents against the liquor store setting up shop said they fear the uncharted territory could bring trouble to their small town. “It just makes me nervous having the influence here with kids pulling out drinking and driving or adults even,” said resident Virginia Cross. ” I don’t think we need that in our community as a Christian woman growing up and raising my children near here I didn’t really think it was a good to have them exposed to liquor. It doesn’t bother me not to have that kind of revenue in our town.” City officials said they anticipate at least two or three more package store applications to be submitted by the end of this year. “I just didn’t think it would ever happen here,” said resident Anna Reed. “I think it would probably cause more drunk drivers out on the street.” Officials said local law enforcement officials are preparing to regulate and monitor any future liquor stores. Although opinions are divided most agree that the liquor stores could bring more jobs and increase city revenue. “You just got to give it a chance, before you cut it off, I think it will turn out to be a good thing,” said McGowen. Officials said the application will have to first be approved for compliance by the city council. The State ABC board will ultimately have the final vote.

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