Dozens Without Water Amid Meter Battle

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BATH SPRINGS, Tenn- Dozens of people in one Decatur County community went nearly three days without water. Their landlord said she was being targeted by city officials. Suzanne Harris, a Bath Springs resident and property owner, said in April during a Scotts Hill Board meeting, she was ordered to pay $13,000 for new meters for each of her rental properties. She said the decision stems form a 2011 board meeting where a conclusion was never final and a bill from the water company was never received. “We have people with disabilities, one lady is pregnant with MS,” said Harris. “We needed water.” On Monday, the water was restored by a temporary court order; but Harris said her water woes are far from over. “This will carry on into the courts unto we get a permanent decision that will affect everyone, not just me,” said Harris. City leader said they are unable to comment unto the the case is settled in court, which is scheduled for Thursday.

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