Juvenile Crime Rising During Spring and Summer

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JACKSON, Tenn.- According to workers at the Sonic location on North Parkway in east Jackson a burglar tried to steal cash but only left with peppermints. Sonic peppermints were found in his pockets according to police. The 16-year-old boy placed under arrest has an extensive criminal background. “Probably was his second choice of what to take from the business. I’m assuming he wasn’t able to get what he went in for surely he went in there looking for money of something like that,” said Capt. Mike Holt of the Jackson Police Department. Four businesses down from Sonic is Wash N Wings. This business has been broken into three times this year. The owner suspects young people. “Juveniles are not made to work. Not made to get out and get a job. They are sitting around looking for something to do. They are bored,” said David Boling, owner of the Wash N Wings. According to Jackson Police juvenile crime increases during the spring and summer. “I say we would arrest more juveniles during these time periods for burglary usually daytime residential burglaries more so than this type of burglary, that is because school is out and they have more time on there hands,” said Captain Holt. According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in 2012, 8.2 percent of the total arrests here in Tennessee were juveniles. “When they are in this area and up to mischief there is no consequence when they do get caught. If they get caught doing something it’s just a matter of time they are right back on the road looking for something to do,” said Boling.

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