National Teacher Appreciation Day

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JACKSON, TN.: Marsha Isip teaches first grade. She has been a teacher for the past 20 years. “People think that teaching is just from eight to three and we get our summers off. We really work all year long, all weekend and on Christmas Break. I am on the computer finding new lessons and things for my children,” said Isip. Kelly Stack is a fifth grade teacher. Her job this year was to get her students ready for the TCAP. “If I feel like I’m doing my job and teaching them then I am prepared for them when they take the test,” said Stack. In first grade, Isip had her children prepare for the Stanford Achievement Test. “We need to have a standard that all kids need to meet and teachers need to meet. I am ok with them being tested. I just want them to be fairly tested,” said Isip. And the hardest part about being a teacher? “The most challenging thing about being a teacher would be the lack of parent involvement because we look for a team effort to have everybody involved,” said Stack.

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