Mosquitoes Returning, Concern Over West Nile Grows

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JACKSON, Tenn- West Nile Virus has proven to be deadly. Now that it is warming up, experts said it is time to start protecting you and your family. In May, The Tennessee Department of Health began urging people to protect themselves from viruses transmitted by mosquitoes, specifically the West Nile Virus. “If I see them swarming, I go inside,” said Vonda Ragland, a Jackson resident. Last year, there were 33 human cases of the virus in Tennessee. David Markowski, of Homestead Pest Management in Jackson, said avoiding outdoors is not the only way to fight off the insects. “It’s just about taking those precautions to protect yourself and then just doing things around your house to eliminate some of that too,” said Markowski. The Department of Health also recommended using insect repellant, keeping windows and doors closed, and even replacing the water in bird baths weekly.

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