Educator of the Week – Walker

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CARROLL COUNTY, Tenn. – Mary Walker is a second grade teacher at Clarksburg School. She said, working children is the highlight to her day. “They’re still so eager to learn and very loving,” she explained, “About learning and wanting to know and all those little hugs you get.” For 40 years this educator has been caring for her students. To her, teaching will never get old. “No, it never does. Everyday you see a little light bulb go off in somebody’s head.” Walker has a has a passion for education and says working children is what she was meant to do. “It is my job and I do care how they are. Also, how they grew and how they learn and it is a big part of teaching and you have to care for them and let them know you care about them.” Her unconditional love and dedication for children is what keeps her going year after year. “Someone that really loves what they’re doing. Really loves their students and care about them. It’s not just coming as a job but really cares and has that interest in every child they teach,” said Walker.

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