Replicas of the Nina and Pinta Sail into Pickwick

This video is no longer available.

COUNCE, Tenn. – Built by hand and shipped from Brazil, the Pinta and Nina are replicas of ships sailed by Christopher Columbus. “To see real history right in front of you, you can touch you can look around and get a good sense of the 15th Century,” said Vic Bickel,1st mate to the ship. The Nina is a replica of the ship sailed by Christopher Columbus across the Atlantic on his voyage of the New World. The floating museum is on a similar mission traveling across the world. “The caravels were very special they lasted 80 years they were too small to carry cargo between the continents so they went out of date quickly,” said Morgan Sanger, senior captain of the ships. The Nina is known to be sea worthy traveling more than 25,000 miles. The replica was built with the same tools in the 15th Century and has traveled more than 350,000 miles. “There’s only two in the world and they’re sitting right here in the Grand Harbor what we call the space shuttle of the 15th century,” said Sanger. “The Nina was spot on the 15th century you can feel yourself slipping back in time. It’s very nice,” explained Bickel.

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