Locals Trying Their Hand at Radio Via Internet

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JACKSON, TENN.- To create your own radio show you do not even need a microphone. Instead, you can use a cell phone. Neill Bartlett, an Australia native is a local businessman, who moved to Jackson 12 years ago. He has a brand new show on blog talk radio with West Tennessee wrestling legend Bill Dundee. “If you give an Australian a chance to say two words they are going to say it in ten and it is going to be colorful. Instead of saying I am tired I am gonna say “I’m flat out like a lizard drinking, mate,” said Bartlett. Here is how it works. You register at blogtalkradio.com and you create your own show. You can even take calls from around the world. It is a live show on the internet. “Anybody can do this and you don’t have to be a qualified person. You don’t have to have a media background. You don’t have to be a therapist, a doctor or a politician,” said Bartlett. Bartlett promotes his show on Twitter and Facebook. It is up to him to get people to listen to “The Superstar and Aussie Show.” “Our goal is to get to a million people listening worldwide. I believe if the show is good enough, it will get there. We have the opportunity,” Bartlett said. According to Bartlett, a half hour radio show is free and the show can be archived. twitter @WBBJ7Joe

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