Mother Accused of Smoking Meth with her Teenage Son

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CAMDEN, Tenn. – A West Tennessee mother is charged with abusing her 15-year-old son, but investigators said this is not your typical case. Benton County Sheriff’s deputies said she never laid a hand on him, but did provide him with meth. What happened inside Amber Warren’s home in Camden along Lankford Arnold Road, according to investigators has her neighbors stunned. “I’m stuttering right now because I don’t know what to say,” Warren’s neighbor, Samuel Buchanan said. “But what first came to my mind is it can’t be in this neighborhood,” he said. Amber Warren is accused of smoking meth with her teenage son. Deputy Bryant Allen is handling the case and says until Warren’s court date next month all he could release was what she is charged with. Warren faces charges of child abuse, child neglect and providing drugs to a minor. “If it’s true, I’m glad got the police got involved. And if it’s not true, I hope it’s cleared up and the lady’s okay and the kids’ okay,” Buchanan said of his next door neighbor. If Warren is found guilty her 15-year-old son may not only lose his mother but as a developing teen his health could suffer for the rest of his life. Family Nurse Practitioner Steven Cannady said he is all to familiar with those health issues. “Teens are still developing so you can see cardiovascular disease heart palpitations and extra stressers on the heart that they wouldn’t have otherwise,” he said. Cannady said the dangers of meth abuse like Warren is accused of are very real and very dangerous for teens. “You see premature heart attacks even in early ages as young as teens,” he said. Neighbors said they hope the whole situation is a huge misunderstanding. “It’s not feasible in this neighborhood because it never has been. But the main thing is it shows if it could happen here it could happen anywhere,” Buchanan said. If found guilty Amber Warren could lose custody of her two children as well as face jail time. She is currently out on bond.

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