Snake Calls Up During West Tennessee Summer

This video is no longer available.

JACKSON, Tenn.–Snakes invade West Tennessee. Butler Pest Control Service says its snake calls are up because of the wet weather. “It was big and black and it had like diamonds,” said Danita White, of Jackson. White came face to face with nature Wednesday. “He was sitting still and ready to strike at my tires,” she said. White found a snake in her garage and snapped pictures to prove it. Jackson police came to her house on Beinville Street to kill the reptile. “One of them was like I’m gonna go get it,” said White. “He didn’t have a stick, a bag. He just had gloves and he picked it up with his hand.” Randall Butler owns Butler Pest Control Service. He says snake calls quadrupled this year. “We usually get in the spring one to two a week and some weeks we’ve had 8 or 10 in the same day,” he said. Butler blames the increase on the weather. “They like the water and the wet grass and the constant rain,” he said. Butler says snakes usually look for a warm place to stay or mice. “They’re like me,” he said. “They like to eat, so they’re always looking for something to eat.” As for White and her son, they plan to be extra cautious in the yard or stay indoors. “We’re not too happy about coming outside anymore,” said White. White says the snake at her house was not poisonous. Jackson police killed the snake as a courtesy. If you see a snake at your house, call a local pest control company.

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