Thieves Release Dangerous Gas During Burglaries

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MCNAIRY COUNTY, Tenn. – Two similar but unrelated home break-ins in McNairy County, near Pocahontas, could have turned deadly. Richard Bright, a neighbor of one of the victims, was out doing yard work when he smelled gas. He followed the scent to the house, and let them know. “They was on the inside of it, and I came in and asked if they were working on the gas,” said Bright. “They told me no, and we went outside and found that somebody had chopped the lines. The gas spout was still open.” Investigators said thieves cut the copper attached to a propane tank at that home. A mile down the road, in a separate case, investigators said burglars broke into another home and knocked a propane heater off the wall. In both cases, the thieves caused a propane leak, which made the situation even more dangerous for everybody in the area. “It could have been really bad if somebody would have lit a lighter or something,” said Bright. “I don’t know how it didn’t blow up when they cut it.” Aside from the stolen items, nobody was hurt. Regardless, neighbors said they have to be aware of prowlers. If you have any information in these cases, call the McNairy County Sheriff’s Department at (731) 645-1004.

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