Hog Auction in Benton County Livens Up County Fair

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CAMDEN, Tenn. – At the Benton County Fair Thursday night, one attraction was ‘hogging’ all the attention, The hog show. Young West Tennessee farmers began raising the hogs back in April, and now some weigh in at nearly 300 pounds. The contestants showed off their prized pigs in hopes of earning some serious cash. The crowd gathered to bid on the pigs ranging from bankers, restaurant owners, local supermarkets and other farmers. Amber Collins won the competition earning nearly $1,300 roughly $5.00 a pound for her 260 pound pig. Ryan Baker earned $3.70 a pound for his 253 pound pig. And Rachel Baker earned $4.35 a pound for her 245 pound pig. In total the hog show contestants raked in more than $5,000 for their hard work. Rachel Baker has been competing for a few years and says it is a great experience everyone should get involved in, but suggest not naming the pig you plan on selling. “The first year I named my pig so it was hard to think ‘this is fixing to be my bacon’ but at the same time you know it’s the back bone of the country,” she said. Clifty Farms in Paris is a big supporter of the project and donates time and hanging space to the country ham project that took place after the auction. Contestants say the whole process teaches them about responsibility, hard work and most importantly where the food on everyone’s table comes from.

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