City Takes Dozens of “Vicious Dogs” in Less than a Week

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PARSONS, Tenn. – Parson Police Department said in the past week they have been receiving dozens of reports of vicious calls per day, which is triple their normal amount. Officers have been setting traps and going on scene to capture the dogs, putting themselves in often dangerous situations. Investigator Wes Woodward has responded to many of the calls, and even took one dog home with him for the night because the local vet had already closed. “First we try to locate the owner and if that is unsuccessful we try to adopt these dogs out ,” he said. The picked up dogs are brought to the Animal Care Clinic in Parsons. The numerous animals brought in per day is quickly becoming too much to handle. The dogs are treated and paid for by the city, some of the dogs can be adopted out, but others have to be put down. “I don’t think people can stop calling, then we’re gonna have even more dogs on the loose,” Dr. Donna Anderson of the Animal Care Clinic said. The dozens of vicious dog calls a day has become so serious a new city ordinance is being proposed that will carry stiffer punishments for owners whose dogs get loose. It will also require owners to have $100,000 liability insurance. “The city is diligently looking for these people that leave their dogs because it is animal cruelty. The city is looking to charge these people,” Investigator Woodward said. Officers said the only solution to this is owners taking better care of their animals and not allowing them to run loose in the city limits. Until that happens, officers said more dogs will be picked up and potentially put down whether they are vicious. The confusion of what is vicious and what is not is what Dr. Anderson said is causing all the confusion. She cautions any dog can become vicious. “If you don’t know a dog you should never approach it. That goes for everyday no matter if it’s a small dog or a big dog,” she said. Parsons Police will propose the new dog ordinance next city council meeting.

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