Benton County Sheriff Burns Hand Trying to Rescue Woman

This video is no longer available.

HOLLADAY, Tenn. – Benton County Sheriff Tony King is being called a hero by many in his community. He was the first emergency responder to get to the fire at Gail Shirader’s home in Holladay. A neighbor told King he thought the 75-year-old was inside so the Sheriff kicked in the door in an attempt to save her from the burning home. While searching the house, Sheriff King burned his hand. Shirader was actually away from her home. Shirader’s next door neighbor, Joel Prince said he is grateful his sheriff is so selfless. “He’s the sheriff of this county, and you know something like this goes on and you don’t know whether someones life is in danger or not. I think it was very admirable of him to come out here and do what he did to help,” Prince said. Sheriff King said any of his deputies would have done the same. He said he is doing fine and just thankful Gail Shirader was not in the house at the time of the fire.

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