Local Senior Get Wishes Granted

JACKSON, Tenn. — Nursing homes across the nation are celebrating Second Wind Dreams this week. Friday’s Second Wind Dreams winner was Betty Gray. “So she rode in the limousine,” Rosy Whalley, Executive Director of Elmcroft said. “We went to Emily’s nail salon, she’s getting a manicure and a pedicure. We’re going to Dumplins for lunch, going to Hydro Medi Spa for a facial and then to Boggy’s Dream Studio for a massage. Second Wind Dreams is a nonprofit corporation run by donations and sponsorships from the community. At Elmcroft, Second Wind Dreams is a signature program. Each month the staff meets to select one lucky man or woman to treat for a day. You can fund a dream for one of the residents through Second Wind Dreams. The number to Elmcroft of Jackson is 731-664-7787. You can donate or fund a dream at www.secondwind.org.

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