Police Say Wi-Fi Reduced Crime in Whiteville

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WHITEVILLE, Tenn. — Crime in one Hardeman County town is dropping in large numbers, and police are thanking technology for the decrease. In September, after purchasing laptops, the Whiteville Police Department teamed up with a local wireless company to install wireless hotspots throughout the city. “Their cars have become pretty much mobile offices now,” Police Chief, Steven Stanley said about his officers. He added that the new technology allows them to spend more time on the streets and less time in the office pulling records and doing paperwork. Six months since installing the hotspots, he said violent crimes have decreased tremendously in Whiteville. “Overall crime has dropped 20 percent and violent crimes have dropped almost 38 percent,” Chief Stanley said. According to Chief Stanley, the investment to install the computers and hot-spots was less than $8,000, much less than it would cost to hire more officers to patrol the streets. Officer said they’re saving time and money by not having to go back to the office or even contact dispatch for information. In turn, citizens are able to live in a safer community.

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