Tax Experts Reveal How to Get More Money Back

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JACKSON, Tenn.–Tax experts in Jackson provide information on how to avoid an audit and how to get more money back on your return. “Give the correct information,” Senta Branch said, a registered tax preparer at Morgan Tax Service in Jackson. Branch encourages people to be honest. “Claiming dependents that don‘t live with you, you don‘t have proof that they live with you, will get you audited,” said Branch. “They’ll ask for school records for the kids, proof of items that you bought for the kids.” Branch says big losses in rental income and self employed filers can send up a red flag. “Claiming a business that you don’t really have will get you audited, especially if you’re claiming it for the earned income credit,” she said. Experts say college tuition payments, charitable contributions, childcare, and medical expenses are all tax deductible. “You can also claim a hotel stay if you’re traveling for medical,” Kimberly Bills said, a registered tax preparer. “Only use what you actually have proof for because anyone can be audited. An audit can be random.” Experts recommend saving the receipts. “You must have proof of these deductions,” said Branch. Morgan Tax Service says the last day to file taxes is Tuesday, April 15. For more information on tax credits and deductions copy and paste this link into your brower:

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