Educator of the Week: Scott

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BRUCETON, Tenn.– Meet Lauren Scott, a 5th grade teacher at Hollow Rock-Bruceton Central Elementary School. Scott says she bleeds school spirit and it shows through her students. She says the best part about teaching is the students. “It’s just inspiring to see kids learn how to read each and everyday as well retain information.” Scott says. She takes extra time to teach everything and anything possible to get her students to learn. Her approach allows her to easily deal with some of the unique challenges she may face with students in the classroom. “I think the biggest challenge that any teacher faces is that you don’t know what your kids are coming to you from each and everyday as well as every morning. It’s our job to help them face the day and enjoy school everyday . This is the most important thing we can give our students.” Scott says. Scott is a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Martin and is currently working on her Masters in Education. She is also a graduate of the school to which she teaches in and is inspired by many of the teachers within her past. “I am definitely inspired by teachers here both in high school, middle school, and elementary school. We have some of the best teachers around.” Scott says. Scott tries to mold herself from those teachers of the past as well as being an active member in the school community. She wears many hats around the school, acting as a director and secretary for the CEA along with leading the Destination Imagination program at her school. “I think it’s important to be true to self and to really set your mind to it so you can really achieve your goals. I want my students to remember that even though they’re from a small town they’re capable of anything they wanna do.” Scott says. She hopes this motto will allow her students to achieve the utmost potential for their future’s to come.

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